Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 36: Stinted Mares

Calculated to produce high-class horses.

Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider
  282 Brookfield's Showdown Lesley-Ann Duke & Paul Horner  
  346 Castlemeadow Jenny Wren Cecilia Delaney  
  347 Moon Light Serenade Desmond Gibson  
  348 Cornascriebe Sumas Flirt Marie Hennessy  
  349 Star Amir Joanna Hyland  
  350 FlexAdo Paul Larkin  
  351 Assagart Sapphire John & Catherine Roche  
  54 Greenhall Wishing Well Derry Rothwell