Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 63: Four Year Old Young Event Horses

To be ridden by riders who have attained their 16th birthday by the 1 of January 2016.

Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider
  542 First Rate Wallis Birch Gwen Scott
  543 My Kilcannon Annie Mary Bolger Jason Higgins
  544 NC Sky High Michael Carr Stacey Watling
  545 A Sportsfield Top Notch Paul Donovan Paul Donovan
  546 A Sportsfield Rio Paul Donovan Daragh Byrne
  547 Brookwood Braveheart Pat Duffy Stephen Holland
  548 Castlelodge Osmium Rose Sharon Eadie Gwen Scott
  549 Carrick Cruiseon Diamond Andrew Getty Emma Jackson
  550 Randalstown Commando Mervyn Gibson Jonny Mulligan
  551 Carra Lux Quality Emma Jackson Emma Jackson
  552 Caraghs Harley Master Stephen Kelliher DJ O'Sullivan
  553 Heather Feather Heather Kent David Furlong
  554 Dartans Green Light Louise Lyons Louise Lyons
  555 Glen Mac McLoughlin Bros Gwen Scott
  556 Handsome Starr Virginia Maguire Steven Smith
  557 Colacentric Alyssa O'Neill Alyssa O'Neill
  558 Poynstown Stonehaven Ciara Power Ciara Power
  559 Benjamin Bounce Jodie Skelton & Emma Hosey Emma Hosey
  560 BT Jump The Gun Bridget Speirs Camilla Speirs
  561 Shannondale Icarus Jinnie Webb Louise Bloomer