Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 93: Working Hunter Ponies (Starter Stakes)

Mares & geldings, four years old & over, not exceeding 133cm. Suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have not attained their 12th birthday by 1 January 2015.
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider
 Upper Section
1st 826 Noble Sparkle Shona Moore Blythe Moore
2nd 828 Trewolla Truffle Melissa O'Connor Jessica Murphy
2nd 818 Cocky Rocky Marion Hughes Marta Hughes Bravo
4th 814 Meadows Dudley Audrey Hamilton William Hamilton
5th 806 Annandale Miss Saigon Claire Bannon Anna Bannon
6th 834 Bolt Heinrich W. Zieg Lucy Zieg
Reserve 816 Littlerock Hopscotch Alma Hourigan Alexandra Hourigan
 Lower Section
1st 827 Nutshell Raymond Morrissey Giorgie Morrissey
2nd 831 Tybroughney Cloud Judy Quirke Evie Quirke
3rd 815 Tullowcussane Morning Jewel Mary Leahy Hayden Tom Hayden
4th 809 Trendy Dancer Valerie Charlton Caragh Charlton
5th 817 Jingle Bell Rock Clare Hughes Chloe Hughes Kennedy