Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 61: Three Year Old Potential Event Horse

Judging to be marked as follows: 20 points for Conformation (Looking for excellent all round conformation) 20 points for Walk and Trot (Freedom of pace, exhibiting power, lightness, balance & athleticism) 20 points for Canter (Fluidity, Rhythm, Power/Thrust, Scope) 20 points for Jumping (Technique, Scope, Athleticism) 10 points for Temperament (Train-ability) 10 points for Standard of Training 20 points for "Star Quality" 120 points Total 'Economy of Effort' in jumping will be rewarded. No points for unnatural or exaggerated performances.

Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider
  462 Unnamed JJ Bowe & Jason Higgins  
  463 Match My Class Katherine Charlton  
  464 Carrickview Mr Darcy Collette Doris  
  465 Kilcarna Roy Desmond Gibson  
  466 Rock Ambassador Douglas Horses  
  467 Caraghs Sarco Boy Stephen Kelliher  
  468 Aaroch Sharon Kelly  
  469 Annsfort Quality Patricia Lalor  
  470 Rossa Bill John & Patrick McLoughney  
  471 Unnamed Eamonn Mangan  
  472 Glenkeeran Remy Maria Melvin  
  473 Lissavorra Russel John Nicholas  
  474 Unnamed Austin Quigley  
  475 Fair Cruise Patrick Ruane  
  476 Night Quality Jim Seymour  
  477 Da Vinci Denis Collins  
  478 Rehy Royal Diamond Stephen Russell