Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 14: Ladies' Hunters

To be ridden by ladies, side-saddle and wearing hunting costume. Horses of Show Hunter or Large Riding Horse type, 5 years old and over, capable of carrying up to 83kg to 89kg (13st to 14st). To be ridden by riders that have attained their 16th birthday by 1 January 2012.

Rank Cat. No  Horse Name  Owner  Rider
  100  Tobruk Diamond  Paul Kinane  Amy Fitzgerald
  101  Banada Diamond Star  Mr Peter Langran  Polly Holohan
  51  Braeview Codega  Ms Michelle Robb  Ms Corinne Robb
  60  Shanbally Foxy  Brian Gallagher  Melanie Horsman
  66  Knockaville  Cyril O'Hara  Olive O'Hara Lynn
  70  Highdell Eclipse  Ms Fiona Crowe  Jennifer Kennedy