Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 37: Registered Irish Draught Mares

Three or four years old, with or without foal at foot. If foal at foot, it must be by a stallion approved for the service of mares in a Registered Studbook or by an Irish Draught Stallion of important genetic merit indentified in the RDS / ICBF Irish Draught Breed Preservation Plan.

Rank Cat. No  Horse Name  Owner  Rider
1st 301  Elm View  Seamus Sloyan  
2nd 296a  Moylough Ruby  Patrick Hoare  
3rd 298  Beechmore BanrĂ­on  Phyll Noone  
4th 300a  Shanaghan Matilda  Miss Esther L Skelly  
5th 302  Ardglen Star Dancer  Viona Wilson  
Reserve 294a  Cailin Glic  Dermot Gordon