Results of all national classes and competitions are deemed provisional until 30 minutes after the end of the last competition, on the evening of the day on which the class / competition takes place.

Class 25: Large Riding Horses

Mares and geldings, four years old and over, exceeding 158cms. To be ridden by riders who have attained their 14th birthday on 1st January 2010 This class will be divided into two sections - Section A and Section B. Section A will consist of all the odd numbers and Section B will consist of all the even numbers.

Rank Cat. No  Horse Name  Owner  Rider
 Upper Section
1st 217  Corrileas Imp  Michaela Butler  Michaela Butler
2nd 219  Terrierman  Mr & Mrs P J Casey  P.J. Casey
3rd 235  Mr Shakespeare  Lyndsey & Tim O'Brien  Lyndsey O'Brien
4th 227  Beamish 3  Heather Gordon  Heather Gordon
5th 225  Smart Alec  Mrs. Sharon Gault  Mr. John Gault
7th 223  Chaperon  Miss P Dorney  Miss Karena Curran
 Lower Section
1st 230  Landanos Rolling Clover  Susann Killilea  Susann Killilea
2nd 226  Maserene Being Ernest  Avril Glass  Ruth Wilson
3rd 228  Dusky Island  Melanie Horsman  Melanie Horsman
4th 222  Byrdock Brigade  Dianna R Dennis  Diana R. Dennis
5th 218  Hardy Eustace  Laurance Byrne  Fiona O'Dwyer
7th 224  Freelander II  Dr Edward Fitzgerald  Rhian Fitzgerald