Public Judging Competition open to all at Dublin Horse Show

Movement, style and presence will be all important at the RDS this August. 

You would be forgiven for thinking it is another summer concert, but no, they are, in fact, key elements in the Public Judging Competition that takes place each day at this year’s Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM of Ireland at the Stena Line Dublin Horse Show.

Through participating in this popular event, visitors to the Show get to demonstrate their equine expertise and be in with a chance to win €1,000 daily. Simply view the selected classes on the day, examine the candidates for the top prizes as best you can, by taking into account conformation, movement, gait, presence, etc. of all the horses on display. Once you have made up your mind about which animals should take the top honours, submit your form and see if it matches the judges’ selection.  It’s a way of really getting involved in the competition and making the most out of your day at the Show. Remember someone has to win so it could well be you!

Public announcements at the Show Rings will remind you on the day of which classes are eligible for the competition, they range from young horses, to racehorses, to side-saddle. Commentators will direct you to where you can pick up entry forms at both Rings 1 and 2 and give you some guidelines by which to make your decision, that’s if you need any help at all!

The particular classes are also marked in the timetable for each day of the Show. Best of luck!



10.30am – 12.00pm         Class 26                Large Riding Horse (15 entries)                               Ring 1

3.15pm – 4.45pm             Class 21                 Small Hunters (18 entries)                                       Ring 1


11.00am – 12.00pm         Class 1                   Light Weight Hunters (12 entries)                         Ring 2

12.00pm – 1pm                 Class 58                Three Year Old Geldings (18 entries)                   Ring 1

3.10pm – 4.10pm             Class 37                Irish Draught Mares (13 entries)                             Ring 1


11.55am – 1.25pm           Class 49                Breeders’ Championship (18 entries)                   Ring 1

1.30pm – 2.10pm             Class 42                Irish Draught Stallions (13 entries)                        Ring 1

3.10pm – 4.15pm             Class 22                Cobs (Light Weight) (15 entries)                             Ring 2


11.45pm – 12.15pm         Class 35                 Foals by a Thoroughbred Sire (11 entries)        Ring 1

1.05pm – 2.35pm             Class 30                Racehorse to Riding Horse (17 entries)                Ring 1


11.15am – 12.15pm         Class 80                Show Hunter Ponies (20 entries)                           Ring 1

12.30pm - 1.25pm            Class 28                Intermediate Side-Saddle (14 entries)                 Ring 1

1.25pm – 2.00pm             Class 116              Broodmare Futurity (8 entries)                           Ring 1