Irish Premier of Lorenzo, The Flying Frenchman at the Dublin Horse Show


Making Irish debut, the spectacular Lorenzo ‘The Flying Frenchman’, will be performing twice daily at this year’s Dublin Horse Show, August 9-13. The acclaimed French equestrian artist will astound audiences with his incredible horsemanship that utilises the Hungarian ‘poste’ tradition: riding the horses while standing upright with a horse under each foot. As part of his performance Lorenzo is also able to control up to ten other horses without bridle or saddle, while still standing on two horses. The dedication to the training of his animals and the bond between Lorenzo and his horses is plain for all to see in his amazing routine.

Like many equestrian naturals, Lorenzo was born into it. He honed his skills with a Camargue horse that was given to his mother as a wedding present. The Camargue horses are a distinct breed that are indigenous to specific marshes of the southern coast of France, where they traditionally lived a semi-feral existence. There is a long tradition of horsemanship in this area, which is where Lorezno was born and raised.

At the age of six, Lorenzo was already riding ‘like a monkey’, performing acrobatics on horseback, and at eight years old he gave his first public display in his local town, Saintes Maries de la Mer.

This is a rare chance to witness a display of Lorenzo’s incredible skills on Irish soil, one which will please horse-lovers and thrill-seekers alike, as the Flying Frenchman and his horses take off in the RDS Main Arena each day.

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