French equestrian entertainers perform everyday at the Show

French equestrian comedian, Joel Chacon will delight and captivate crowds with his outstanding horsemanship and daredevil tricks, while world renowned equestrian artist Clemence Faivre and her Lusitano stallions will leave the audience breathless with their incredible routine at this year's Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show, which takes place from August 5-9.

Known for their flawless, regal displays, Clemence Faivre’s horses are trained in Haute École, the most advanced form of both classical riding and dressage, which they perform without tack to better demonstrate their incredible skill. Clemence’s stallions are renowned in particular for the classic ‘school jumps’, popularly known as ‘airs above the ground’, which are typical of Haute École.

Joel Chacon is a former gymnast who discovered his love for horses at a young age. His captivating and fast-paced comedy routine will take place twice daily for the duration of the Show. ‘Le Compte du Montacrue’ is one of Joel’s most recognised performances and it is sure to leave audiences in hysterics.

Joel selects his ‘comedy horses’ with great care before training them in a classical manner.  Placing great emphasis on perfecting rhythm and balance, all of Chacon’s horses have been trained with the utmost care and attention to detail as it takes a special horse to become one of Joel’s trusted performers. They must have a strong will to learn, a good attitude to both life and work, and possess sound conformation and good balance.

Joel has been passionate about horses for as long as he can remember.  He received his first and favourite, a Camargue pony called ‘Kin’ from his parents when he was 14. Throughout the years Chacon has tried the full range of equestrian disciplines before finding his true calling performing acrobatic burlesque and equestrian vaulting.

Just like Joel, Clémence was passionate about riding from a very young age. She attended the prestigious Florent School of Dramatic Arts in Paris, before perfecting her techniques at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Her incredible routines contain Spanish walks, piaffés and pirouettes that are performed without the aid of a saddle and bridle. The levels of concentration required by Clémence’s horses for these exhibitions are particularly striking and their performance will captivate anyone with an interest in training horses, as well as anyone looking to be entertained.