New Developments for Young Show Jumping Horses

In the interest of young horse development and promoting correct training practices, the RDS Equestrian Committee has introduced a new set of guidelines for the course builders of the RDS 4 year old show jumping qualifiers and finals at the Dublin Horse Show.

In addition, the hind boots permitted for use in the International 7 & 8 year old
competition have been reviewed.

The course builders for the 4 year old qualifiers and finals will follow a new set of guidelines when constructing the courses for 2011 Horse Show. All courses will now consist of 10 efforts, inclusive of a double combination which will be built on a 2 stride distance. A straight related distance not less than 5 strides will also be included in the course. Any ‘bending lines’ included in the course will be of over a minimum of a 6 stride distance. Stand alone fillers will be placed slightly in front of the vertical face of the fence in order to encourage the young horses to jump with confidence. Where there are hanging fillers or poles, a ground line pole will be placed at approximately 10 cm in front of the vertical, also in an effort build the horses’ confidence.

All courses will be built with a flowing layout so that horses will be able to maintain their balance through-out the round. The heights will remain unchanged from previous years with fences built to a maximum height of 1.10m and a width of up to 1.20m. The distances between fences will be straight forward. The first fence will be built in the direction of the in-gate or pocket and combination fences if placed close to the in-gate will also be jumped in the direction of the in-gate to make it easier for the youngsters.

The FEI boot rule for young horses (Ref. FEI Art. 257.2.4) will now apply at both the
qualifiers and the final for the International 7 & 8 year old competition. The rule which outlines that all hind leg protections must have a maximum interior length of 16 cm and minimum exterior width of 5 cm, also defines additional criteria in relation to the fixations of the boots and their interior surface. With the exception of the boot rule, the RDS 7 & 8 year old qualifiers will run under national rules.

Qualifier details, online ticket bookings and a provisional Programme of Events are available on the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show website at Book online now!

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For further information;

Fiona Sheridan
Equestrian Manager, RDS
ph: 01 2407 201