Ukrainian Cossacks to perform at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show

The RDS is delighted to announce that the world-renown stunt riders, the Ukrainian Cossacks will demonstrate their horsemanship and riding capabilities at the 2011 Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show. 

The Ukrainian Cossacks will give displays in the Main Arena and Simmonsourt on each day of the Show which takes place from Wednesday, the 3rd to Sunday the 7th of August this year. The RDS have organised the Ukrainian Cossacks demonstrations as part of the RDS entertainment and education programme which is being developed to complement and add to the already wide range of events and competitions which take place during the Show. 

About the Cossacks

The Ukrainian Cossacks have achieved worldwide acclaim for their spectacular
showcase of the traditional riding methods and capabilities of their Cossack
ancestors. This daredevil team of first class stunt riders have entertained the crowds
at numerous big events; they are simply excellent riders and horsemen who have
honed their skills through body control, endurance, discipline and a passion for what they do.

Riding their beloved Ukrainian Warmblood horses, which are particularly suited to
stunt riding because of their fearlessness and endurance, the riders can take
themselves underneath their horses’ bellies while the horses are travelling at
breakneck speed and they can make a six rider pyramid formation using two horses
galloping side by side. Continuing the tradition of their ancestors they are truly
masters of speed and agility, doing summersaults on their horses and spurring each
other on with loud shouts. In addition, they have remained true to the hairstyles of
their forefathers, in the past only warriors were allowed to wear their hair like that!
To book your ticket to see the Ukrainian Cossacks at this year’s Discover Ireland
Dublin Horse Show, visit or call the ticket line on 0818
719 300.

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Fiona Sheridan
Equestrian Manager, RDS
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