Sportsman (Amateur Hunter)



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18. MARE or GELDING, 4 years old & upwards, capable of carrying up to 83kg (13st).
To be ridden by riders who have attained their 16th birthday by 1 January 2019.

Middle / Heavy-Weights

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19. MARE or GELDING, 4 years old & upwards, capable of carrying over 83kg (over 13st).
To be ridden by riders who have attained their 16th birthday by 1 January 2019.


Confined to the amateur or non-professional producer / rider, this class serves to highlight the importance of the leisure horse in the Irish breeding industry.


Horses and riders taking part in the Show Hunters (Classes 1 – 12), the Small Hunters (Classes 20 & 21) and the Riding Horses (Classes 25 & 26) are not eligible to compete in the Sportsman (Amateur Hunter) classes.

Entry Fee

RDS Members: €306 each entry; Non-Members: €331 each entry.


There will be a maximum of 20 primary entries per class. The first 20 correct primary entries received will secure entry. Please note there may be additional secondary entries in the above classes.

It is compulsory that all 4 and 5 year old horses entered in these classes have competed in a minimum of three shows prior to the 1st of August 2019.   Please note, exhibitors will be required to state the three shows on their entry form.  An allowance will be made for exhibitors who wish to compete in a Show scheduled between their time of entry and the 1st of August, i.e exhibitors will be permitted to list a show that they intend to compete in.  If an exhibitor lists a future show, but is then unable to attend the nominated show for reasons of force majeure, the exhibitor must declare this to the Equestrian Office before the 1st of August.

Proof of participation at these shows may be requested on arrival at the Dublin Horse Show, and should incorrect or inaccurate information be supplied it will incur elimination. 
For 5 year old horses who competed as 4 year olds in 2018, this experience may be used to fulfil the three show requirement. 

To be defined as an Amateur and eligible for participation in these classes a person must not;

  • Have engaged in livery, buying, selling, dealing or hiring horses as a means of deriving a main source of income for the past five years
  • Have accepted remuneration whether it be monetary or goods in kind for employment in connection with horses in a racing, show jumping, showing or livery stable or riding school in the past five years
  • Have shown a horse owned by a company or a commercial firm, or a horse for which his or her immediate family accepts livery or training charges from a person outside immediate concern

The horse entered in Classes 18 and 19 should be the regular mount of the rider stated on the entry form and must not have been competed by a professional in the current showing season and may not be competed by a professional in any other class at the Show.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to satisfy the RDS that the exhibitor and rider are true bona fide Amateurs.

Awards & Prizes

The number of prizes awarded is based on the number of animals catalogued. For more information please click here

  • 1st €595
  • 2nd €415
  • 3rd €320
  • 4th €222
  • 5th €160

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 149 – Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the Sportsman (Amateur Hunter) Champion (Classes 18 and 19).


Champion and Reserve Champion are required to participate in the Parade of Champions on Sunday 11 August.  Further details available here.