Entry Fee:

€300 each entry
Entry fee includes all FEI fees including MCP and Manure Disposal Fees


Up to six Irish riders not competing in the CSIO classes may qualify to be invited to compete in the Puissance.

Horse and rider combinations must compete in a minimum of two qualifiers in order to be eligible to qualify. The top six horse and rider combinations following the three qualifiers (click here for Puissance qualifiers) will be invited to compete, provided they comply with FEI rules and those specified by the RDS.

Horses competing at the qualifiers must clear a height of 1.80m without faults (including refusals) twice. A points system will apply over the three qualifiers as follows; 1st 10 points, 2nd 6 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3 points, 5th 3 points, 6th 3 points, 7th 1 point, 8th 1 point, 9th 1 point, and 10th 1 point.

If a rider competes in three qualifiers, the best two results will count. Invitations to compete in the Puissance will be awarded based on points following the qualifiers. The decision of the Organising Committee is final in all cases.

The winning horse and rider combination(s) from the 2017 Land Rover Puissance will also be issued an invitation to compete in the Puissance.


  • The Puissance will run under FEI Rules. Exhibitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the FEI Rules & Regulations
  • Horses must be at least 7 years of age
  • Young Riders may not compete in the Puissance before the year in which they reach their 18th birthday
  • All horses must be present for the Horse Inspection
  • All competing horses and riders must be registered with the FEI
  • All horses which qualify to compete in the Puissance at the Dublin Horse Show must have an FEI passport
  • Horses will be stabled in a secure area


Vaccinations must be in line with FEI requirements

Influenza vaccination for all horses competing in FEI competitions requires a vaccination within six months + 21 days of the competition. Please use the table below as a guide:

Vaccination Protocol & Eligibility
Primary Course 1st Vaccination: day 0.
2nd Vaccination: day 21 - 92.
May compete 7 days after the 2nd vaccination.
First Booster Within 7 months of the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course. May compete for 6 months +21 days after the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course. Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination.
Boosters MINIMUM: within one year of the previous booster vaccination.
IF COMPETING: must be competing in the 6 months +21 days of the previous booster vaccination
Must have been vaccinated within 6 months +21 days before arriving at the Event. Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination.