Junior Equitation


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88. PONY, MARE, GELDING or STALLION not exceeding 138cms.
For riders who have attained their 10th birthday but have not attained their 14th birthday by 1 January 2019.

89. PONY, MARE, GELDING or STALLION exceeding 138cm and not exceeding 153cms.
For riders who have attained their 12th birthday but have not attained their 17th birthday by 1 January 2019.


To improve the standard of equitation amongst junior riders.

Competitors will be required to jump over one round and only the performance of the rider will be assessed by the judge.  The class will not be decided on jumping faults or time as in a show jumping class.

Entry Fee

RDS Members: €234 each entry; Non-Members: €265 each entry.


Animals which have officially represented Ireland in FEI Team competitions and those graded ‘A’ before 30 April with Show Jumping Ireland will not be eligible for either section.

All animals must have a current and valid measurement under the Show Jumping Ireland / Irish Pony Society Measurement Scheme.  Such documentation may be inspected at any time by Judges / Officials.

All participants must ensure that their parent or guardian sign the qualifier entry form with indemnity declaration which will be available at the qualifier shows.

Further guidelines on what the judges will look for can be obtained by clicking here.

These classes will run as per the exhibitor order in which they appear in the official DHS Catalogue.  A rider will be permitted to run out of order only in exceptional circumstances, on written request to the Equestrian Office before Monday 5 August, at 5pm and with the appoval of the Show Director.


  • Simple snaffle (FEI rules), no gags, no three ring snaffles.
  • No martingales permitted.
  • No whips permitted.
  • Only blunt metal spurs or ones with rubber rowels ≤ 2.5cms (1") facing downwards are permitted.
  • Riders must dress according to the dress code.
  • A body protector must be worn by all riders.
  • Prior to going through the ‘Start’, the Judge may allow a pony to leave the ring to correct incorrect tack and compete later without penalty.  If for any reason, a competitor goes through the Start with incorrect tack, the Judge has no option but to eliminate the competitor.


Four qualifying venues have been selected from which the best riders will come forward to the Final at the Dublin Horse Show.  Four riders will qualify in each section at each qualifier.

A rider may compete in one section only at each qualifier and may only ride one animal at the Dublin Horse Show.  Riders will not be permitted to switch between categories.  The categories first competed in must be adhered to.

Competition Format

All riders will compete over a course of fences and the performance of the rider will be assessed. Jumping faults of the pony / horse will not be considered unless it is considered by the judge to be a result of the rider’s ability.

The following will incur elimination:

  • Three refusals
  • Wrong course
  • Fall of pony or rider


The judge will evaluate each competitor under the criteria outlined below:

  • Riders position on the flat (20 marks)
  • Riders position while jumping (20 marks)
  • Use and effectiveness of the aids (20 marks)
  • Rhythm - even throughout (10 marks)
  • Correct Pace - 350m per minute (10 marks)
  • Control (10 marks)
  • Lines and straightness (10 marks)
  • Potential (10 marks)
  • Presentation of rider or pony (10 marks)

“Riders position on the flat” will be assessed by the judges during the competition round, there will be no separate ridden display.

In the event of a tie, the rider with the highest score for ‘Use & Effectiveness of the Aids’ will be determined the winner.  If there is still a tie, the rider with the highest score for ‘Rhythm’ will be determined the winner.  If there is still a tie, the rider with the highest score for 'Rider's Position on the Flat' will be the winner.


Class 88 – max height 0.90m, max width 1.00m

Class 89 – max height 1.00m, max width 1.06m

Riders will compete over a set course plan at each of the qualifiers. The course plan is available by clicking here.

At the final the course may include a number of derby type fences (which may include non-knockable fences) and the course plan will differ from that encountered at the qualifiers.  The course will include a change of rein, a combination and may also incorporate a bending line, a narrow jump and a roll back turn.

Awards & Prizes

The number of prizes awarded is based on the number of animals catalogued. For more information please click here 

  • 1st €335 
  • 2nd €233 
  • 3rd €186 
  • 4th €129 
  • 5th €93

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 19 – Perpetual Challenge Cup presented to the winning rider in the Junior Equitation Championship.

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