Working Hunter Horses


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14. MARE, GELDING or STALLION, 4 years old.

15. MARE, GELDING or STALLION, 5 or 6 years old, capable of carrying up to 83kg (13st).

16. MARE, GELDING or STALLION, 7 to 10 years old, capable of carrying up to 83kg (13st).

17. MARE, GELDING or STALLION, 5 to 10 years old, capable of carrying over 83kg (over 13st).


The prerequisite for this class is jumping ability, good conformation, excellent movement and the temperament to excel in a number of fields with appropriate training.


These classes are restricted to ‘Irish Bred’ horses only.

To be ridden by riders who have attained their 16th birthday by 1 January 2019.

Horses graded ‘C’ or over by Show Jumping Ireland in the current season, and horses that have competed at CIC**, CCI**, CNC** level or above in the current season are not allowed to compete in these classes.  It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that their horse meets the eligibility requirements.  If an exhibitor is found in breach of this rule they will be suspended from future Shows.

Entry Fee

RDS Members €306 each entry; Non-Members €331 each entry.


There will be a maximum of 30 primary entries per class.  The first 30 correct primary entries received will secure entry.  Please note there may be additional secondary entries in the above classes.

Those horses who have competed in the Show Hunter classes must compete in the same weight category in the Working Hunter classes.

All stallions entered in the Working Hunter classes must wear stallion identification tags and a blue "hazard" tail ribbon in both the warm up and competition arenas.

It is compulsory that all 4 and 5 year old horses entered in these classes have competed in a minimum of three shows prior to the 1st of August 2019.   Please note, exhibitors will be required to state the three shows on their entry form.  An allowance will be made for exhibitors who wish to compete in a Show scheduled between their time of entry and the 1st of August, i.e exhibitors will be permitted to list a show that they intend to compete in.  If an exhibitor lists a future show, but is then unable to attend the nominated show for reasons of force majeure, the exhibitor must declare this to the Equestrian Office before the 1st of August.

Proof of participation at these shows may be requested on arrival at the Dublin Horse Show, and should incorrect or inaccurate information be supplied it will incur elimination. 
For 5 year old horses who competed as 4 year olds in 2018, this experience may be used to fulfil the three show requirement.  


Please note that horses which have been operated on for a wind infirmity are not eligible for entry into these classes.


Protective headgear conforming to the current recommended Kitemark standard - PAS 015, F1163 or Snell, and fitted with an adjustable harness, is recommended for all riders. Please note that (BS) EN1384 hats will not be permitted unless the hat is dual stamped with another standard such as Snell or PAS 015.

A body protector must be worn by all riders.

Only snaffle bits are permitted in Class 14.

Riders must dress according to the dress code.

The same tack must be used in each phase.  No tack etc. may be worn that conceals the conformation of the horse.  

Front boots of a plain colour may be worn during the jumping phase of a Working Hunter class.

No hind boots or bandages permitted.

Competition Format

Horses entered in these classes will be required to jump a course of natural fences including a double.  Prospective entrants are well advised to compete in plenty of working hunter competitions and to have schooled their horses cross-country before submitting an entry in this section.  Horses will be judged on conformation, manners, style, suitability and performance. Horses will be ridden by the judges.

A horse must be competed by the named rider during all phases of the competition.  A change of rider will not be permitted for the second phase of the Working Hunter classes.  If a rider qualifies more than one horse for the second phase in Classes 14 - 17, they must inform the Chief Steward of the class which horse they will compete with in the second phase.

If a rider qualifies more than one horse to compete in the Working Hunter Championship (Cup 70) a change of rider may be permitted if special permission is sought from the Chief Steward.

These classes will run as per the exhibitor order in which they appear in the official DHS Catalogue.  A rider will be permitted to run out of order only in exceptional circumstances, on written request to the Equestrian Office before Monday 5 August, at 5pm and with the approval of the Show Director.


Maximum total 100 points, broken down as follows:

Phase One

  • Jumping Phase – 40 points
  • Way of going (Jumping Phase) – 20 points
  • Conformation – 20 points

Phase Two

The highest scoring horses from Phase One will be invited back into the arena for the final judging. The number of horses to be invited back will be at the judge's discretion. The judge will ride the exhibits during Phase Two.

  • Ride – 20 points

In the event of a tie, the horse with the highest score in Phase One will be the winner.  If there is still a tie, the horse with the highest way of going score will be the winner.

Fault system:

For each fence knocked down – 10 penalties
1st refusal, run out, disobedience – 15 penalties
2nd refusal, run out, disobedience – 20 penalties
3rd refusal, run out, disobedience – Elimination
Fall of horse or rider – Elimination

Riders who misuse the whip in the Jumping Phase will receive 5 penalties. Misuse of the whip is where it is not applied to re-enforce a leg / seat aid or is inconsistent with the aids being given. Excessive use of the whip may incur elimination. Determination of excessive or misuse of the whip will be at the judge’s discretion.


Class 14: 4 Year Olds

Max Height 1m
Max Spread 1.10m (no water jump)

Classes 15 - 17: 5 - 10 Year Olds

Max Height 1.10m
Max Spread 1.20m (water jump included)

Course Designer

Mr Kevin Millman (UK)

Awards & Prizes

The number of prizes awarded is based on the number of animals catalogued. For more information please click here 

  • 1st €1,875
  • 2nd €1,375
  • 3rd €875
  • 4th €500
  • 5th €375

A Special Prize of €470 for the Champion and €205 for the Reserve Champion Working Hunter Horse will apply.

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 70 - Perpetual Champion Trophy for the Working Hunter Champion.  The first and second prize-winners from Classes 14 to 17 will compete for this Trophy.