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To test the horse and rider's ability to perform a simple dressage test and negotiate a show jumping course.

To encourage correct equitation amongst young riders and to provide them with another opportunity to showcase their skills.


Riders must be members of the Irish Pony Club for at least 2 consecutive years in order to be eligible to compete.

Riders that have competed in CCI** or CIC** competitions or above are ineligible to compete in these classes.

Entry Fee

RDS Members: €173 each entry, Non-Members €204 each entry.


This is an RDS competition for Pony Club members.  The application of rules for adjudication are those adopted / defined by the RDS.

The RDS reserves the right to amalgamate these classes, in which case the Championship will be adjudicated at Intermediate standard.


Tack and turnout according to IPC rules, with the exception of the following:

  • Both dressage and jumping phases to be ridden in simple snaffles
  • Cavesson, drop, grackle of flash nosebands are permitted.
  • Martingales are not permitted.
  • Only blunt metal spurs or ones with rubber rowels ≤ 2.5cm (1") facing downwards are permitted.
  • Animals will compete in both phases without legboots or bandages.
  • Overreach boots are permitted in the Jumping Phase.
  • No pads or saddle cloths, only saddle contoured numnahs are permitted.
  • A body protector should be worn by all riders in the Jumping Phase.


The winners of the Intermediate and Members' Combined Training sections in the nine Irish Pony Club area qualifiers will qualify for the Final at the Dublin Horse Show.

The nine area qualifiers are run in conjunction with the Irish Pony Club.  For further details on the nine area qualifiers and area representatives please visit .

Two Pony Club members from Northern Ireland for each of the Intermediate and Members' Combined Training sections will be invited to compete in the Final at the Dublin Horse Show based on results of the following event:

Iveagh Pony Club Grounds, Moyallan, Co. Down on Friday 30th of June

A maximum of eleven competitors will compete in each of the Members' and Intermediate sections at the Dublin Horse Show.

In the event that the minimum standard is not achieved by the area qualifier winner, or in the event that they are unable to compete, a substitute will be taken from an area qualifier based on the best score achieved, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Area qualifiers will be run by the Irish Pony Club according to IPC rules. The passports of the horses / ponies placed at the qualifiers will be checked by the Chief Steward.

Competition Format

Combined Training is an individual competition consisting of a dressage test and one jumping round. Penalties incurred during the jumping phase will be deducted from the mark awarded for the dressage test. The competitor with the highest score will win.

These classes will run as per the exhibitor order in which they appear in the official DHS Catalogue.  A rider will be permitted to run out of order only in exceptional circumstances, on written request to the Equestrian Office before Monday 5 August, at 5pm and with approval of the Show Director.

Dressage Tests

Intermediate Dressage Test

Members Dressage Test

Jumping Phase

The jumping test will be over a course of fences, including combinations and natural fences.

Competition Format
SectionFence HeightSpeed
Intermediate ≤ 1.00m 300mpm
Members ≤ 1.10m 325mpm

Faults incurred during the jumping phase will be deducted from the dressage score as follows:

  • For each fence knocked down - 4 penalties
  • 1st refusal, run out - 4 penalties
  • 2nd refusal, run out - 10 penalties
  • 3rd refusal, run out - Elimination
  • Fall of horse or rider - Elimination
  • Exceeding time allowed - 1 penalty per second

Riders who misuse the whip in the jumping phase will receive 5 penalties.  Misuse of the whip is where it is not applied to re-inforce a leg / seat aid or is inconsistent with the aids being given.  Excessive use of the whip may incur elimination.  Determination of excessive or misuse of the whip will be at the judge's discretion.

In the event of a tie, the horse with the highest dressage score will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the final three marks from the dressage phase will determine the winner.

Course Designer

Mr Kevin Millman (UK)

Awards & Prizes

The winning riders in both the Intermediate and Members' sections will be awarded a bursary to the value of €750, 2nd place to the value of €500 and 3rd place to the value of €250.

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 158 – Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the winner of the Intermediate Combined Training.

Cup No. 159 – Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the winner of the Members Combined Training.

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