Three Year Old Loose Performance


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Section A - Three Year Old Geldings and Colts; Section B - Three Year Old Fillies


To promote and provide an outlet for young horses likely to make high class show jumpers.  To identify performance fillies at a young age that may be suitable for the broodmare herd.

The emphasis is on technique, scope and attitude.


Restricted to 'Irish bred' horses only.

Three Year Old Fillies, Geldings, and Colts are eligible to qualify for this Class.

Entry Fee

RDS Members: €234 each entry; Non-Members: €265 each entry.


The judges will qualify a maximum of 4 horses (and one reserve for each section) from each venue. Should any qualified horse withdraw from this class; a reserve horse from one of the qualifying venues will be invited to compete at the Final in the relevant section.

Any exhibitor who has not entered their animal by 29 June will automatically be replaced by a reserve horse.

Any horse withdrawn from this class after 12 July 2019 will not be replaced.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter their animal by the due date for the Final at the Dublin Horse Show.

Selection or non-selection of horses at each venue is totally at the judges’ discretion.

Exhibitors / representatives may only use two qualifying venues in order to qualify any one horse. Should an exhibitor / representative appear at a third qualifier with the same horse, this animal will automatically be disqualified from Class 62.

Horse Passports must be available for inspection by judges at the qualifiers and the Final.

In the interest of safety in the collecting rings at the Show, stallions will compete first and should be returned immediately after their show to their assinged stabling.  Exhibitors are advised to ensure that their entry is presented by a competent handler and appropriately tacked with a bridle and bit.

This class will run as per a specific drawn order available from the Equestrian Office.


Horses to be presented in a Simple Snaffle bit (as defined by FEI rules) and Chiffney (if required).

Stallions should be appropriately tacked with an in-hand bridle with bit and a leather lead shank of a minimum length of 12ft.

Double bridles are not permitted.

No hind boots or bandages permitted.


Five qualifying venues have been selected from which four horses will come forward to the Final at the Dublin Horse Show.  Ten geldings / colts will qualify for Section A and the top ten fillies will qualify for Section B of the competition.  The two highest placed fillies and the two highest placed colts / geldings at each of the five qualifiers will qualify for the Final at the Dublin Horse Show.

Exhibitors wishing to compete at the qualifiers must have pre-entered with the venue in question by 6pm on the day before the qualifier is due to take place.  Entries will be accepted by phone or email to the contact details for the venues listed here.  Exhibitors will be advised of their start time by return email or by phone at the time of entry.  No late entries or entries on the day will be accepted.  Exhibitors that do not present their horse at their allocated start time will not be permitted to compete.

A horse cannot qualify for both the Three Year Old Potential Event Horse and the Three Year Old Loose Performance competition.  Exhibitors should decide which competition category their horse is best suited to, and note that the horse’s first qualification will secure it’s qualification place, regardless of further placings at later qualifiers.


Horses competing in Section A and Section B will be judged and marked as follows;

  • 20 points - Conformation (Correctness, quality of legs, condition)
  • 30 points - Canter (Correct, elastic, regular through a swinging back, length of stride, balance, self-carriage and lightness)
  • 20 points - Technique (Use of head, neck and shoulders, suppleness of back, open/tight haunches)
  • 20 points - Scope (Ability of horse to jump with upward power and forward direction)
  • 10 points - Reflexes (Quickness of reflexes)
  • 10 points - Attitude (Brain, temperament, train-ability)

Total 110 points

Economy of effort in jumping will be rewarded.  
No points for un-natural and exaggerated performances.

In the event of a tie, the horse with the highest score for 'Technique' will be the winner.

Horses may be called back into the arena to jump a bigger fence before the final adjudication at the judge's discretion.

There will be an opportunity for exhibitors to walk their horses in the Simmonscourt Arena from 7.10am to 7.40am on the morning of the event so that they can somewhat familiarise the horses with the surroundings.


A 'Grid' consisting of three obstacles as detailed here will be provided.

Awards & Prizes

Section A; (Geldings & Colts)

  • 1st €3,000
  • 2nd €2,000
  • 3rd €1,200
  • 4th €750
  • 5th €500
  • 6th €300
  • 7th €250
  • 8th €250
  • 9th €250
  • 10th €250

Section B; (Fillies)

  • 1st €3,000
  • 2nd €2,000
  • 3rd €1,200
  • 4th €750
  • 5th €500
  • 6th €300
  • 7th €250
  • 8th €250
  • 9th €250
  • 10th €250

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 27 – Perpetual Champion Trophy for the Champion Loose Performance Filly.

Cup No. 59 – The “Michael Osbourne” Perpetual Challenge Cup presented for the Champion Loose Performance Colt / Gelding.

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