Online Entry

  • The Online Entry System is available via the following link; 
  • Registration as an Exhibitor is done by providing an email address, surname and password, and confirmed by email activation
  • Entries for an Exhibitor can be handled by a Rider / Agent by adding their email address into the secondary email space provided
  • Entries can be saved without submitting for payment and finished later (before the close of entries)
  • ‘Reserve’ entries can be saved for the show jumping classes, so that if a position becomes available the entry can be processed by the Equestrian Office
  • Following validation and payment of an entry, an email confirmation is sent to the Exhibitor (and Rider / Agent, if applicable)

In order to use the system Exhibitors must do the following:

a) Register and set up an account by providing an email address, surname and a password.

b) Activate the account by clicking on a link that will have been sent to the email address provided.

c) Once the account is activated, Exhibitors can login using their email address and password.

d) Exhibitors must provide some further personal details before beginning the entry process such as name, address and telephone number, and preference for its catalogue publication.

Important Note:

Please ensure that each individual entry has been entered under the correct Exhibitor’s account, as displayed at the top of each entry.

If an Exhibitor would like a Rider / Agent to make entries on their behalf, the Exhibitor must provide the Rider / Agent’s email address in the “Secondary email address” box, under the “Exhibitor’s Details” section. The Rider / Agent in question must have his / her own personal account on the DHS Online Entry System. The Rider / Agent can then log onto their own account and access the Exhibitor’s entries under the “Rider / Agent Entry” section.  The Rider / Agent will be cc’ed on all Dublin Horse Show correspondence to the Exhibitor.

Before commencing the entry process Exhibitors must ensure that they have read the Competition Schedule, and the class details and rules relating to the class(es) they wish to enter.  Exhibitors must ensure that they have also read the General Rules and Regulations section of the Competition Schedule, as it is a condition of entry that they agree to adhere to them.

The next step is to complete the Entry Form:

1. Exhibitors must pick the primary class they wish to enter from the dropdown menu.  A description of the chosen competition will appear to aid in selecting the correct one.

2. Under the “Animal Details” section Exhibitors must enter their horse’s name, colour, gender, passport number, breed code, age, and an opportunity will also be provided at this point to indicate if the horse is for sale or not.  

If entering a class with a qualifier, Exhibitors must choose their qualifying venue from a drop-down boxPlease note if an Exhibitor’s horse is in reserve position at a qualifier, this entry should not be finalised in the Online Entry System, but rather saved as a “Reserve” by ticking the box at the bottom of the online form.  Should a place become available, the Exhibitor will be notified by the RDS Equestrian Staff and the entry can then be processed.
[If entering a class which is linked to the Pembroke Cup or Traditional Irish Championship a prompt will appear for the Exhibitor to denote the horse’s eligibility.  This prompt will appear only for the applicable classes and Exhibitors should read the specific rules to determine if the horse is actually eligible.  Please note final confirmation of eligibility will be confirmed by the Equestrian Department].

3. Exhibitors must then proceed to complete the “Breeding Details” section for the entry. Exhibitors will be required to provide the breeder’s name and address (if bred by the owner, an option to tick “bred by Exhibitor” is available); the name of sire, dam, and dam sire, and the breed codes for each will also be required under this section.

4. For ridden classes, Exhibitors must enter the rider’s name.  There will be a requirement to enter the rider’s date of birth and the name of his / her trainer for certain classes see Rule 19 pg 21 and Rule 45 pg 62.

5. Exhibitors of four and five-year-old horses in ridden and performance classes at the Show (with the exception of those classes with qualifiers) must ensure that their horses have competed in a minimum of three shows, before the 1st of August.  The Exhibitor will be required to document the three shows on their online entry form, and the entry will not be validated unless this information is provided. Proof of participation must be available on request and incorrect or inaccurate information supplied may incur elimination.

6. The next step is to save the entry before submitting it.  

Please note the primary class entry must be saved before a secondary class entry can be added or the Exhibitor / Agent can proceed to add another entry. 
See the bottom of the entry form in order to add a secondary class.

7. Save and validate the entry.

Exhibitors must tick the box at the bottom of the online form agreeing to the Rules and Regulations of the DHS Competition Schedule.

8. When the entry is validated, invoice details will appear.  It is at this point that there will be an option to add a harness room or truck / trailer parking in Marian College, if required. 

9. Please ensure to enter the vehicle registration details (of the vehicle that will be brought to the Show) when booking parking.

10. You will then be directed to a secure Realex Payments page.  Payments will be accepted by credit or debit card and a 3% processing fee will apply.  Riders / Agents may fill out the entry form and save it, in order to allow the Owner / Exhibitor to pay for the entry at a later time.  Please note entries will not be confirmed until final payment has been received by the RDS.

11. Once payment is complete a confirmation email will be received.    

If an Exhibitor wishes to enter a horse into a secondary class after they have finalised their primary entry, they can do so by accessing the primary entry under the “Committed entries for the Dublin Horse Show” section and subsequently adding a secondary entry at the bottom of the Entry Form.  Please note however that alterations cannot be made to committed entries.  If a committed entry requires an amendment, please contact the RDS Equestrian Department directly by email at