148cm Ponies


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114 A. 148cm PONIES

114 B. 148cm PONIES


Entry Fee

RDS Members: €330 each entry; Non Members: €370 each entry.


Riders in the 148cm class must have attained Bar 2 of the SJI Mackey Five Bar Training System to be eligible to compete in the 2018 Dublin Horse Show qualifiers and qualify for the Show. 

To be eligible to qualify for the Dublin Horse Show, ponies must have a minimum of 200 grading points by 30 April 2018.

Competition 114 C is confined to the seven highest placed ponies in each of the Competitions 114 A and 114 B.  If the same pony gains a place amongst the first seven prize winners in more than one of these competitions, it will be deemed to be qualified by reason of the first of these wins and will be omitted from the count when deciding the qualifiers for the competition.

Only hind boots as per RDS rules may be worn at the Qualifiers and the Final.

Awards & Prizes

114 A & 114 B

  • 1st €240
  • 2nd €157
  • 3rd €110
  • 4th €90
  • 5th €74
  • 6th €58

114 C - Final

  • 1st €285
  • 2nd €190
  • 3rd €128
  • 4th €104
  • 5th €87
  • 6th €68

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