Children on Horses (1.15m)


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Entry Fee

RDS Members: €336 each entry; Non-Members: €377 each entry.


  • Open to riders from the year in which they reach their 12th birthday to the year in which they reach their 14th birthday.
  • Restricted to mares and geldings, 6 years old and over on the 1 January 2019.
  • Riders may only qualify one horse to compete in the Children on Horses classes at the Dublin Horse Show. Only the combination of horse and rider qualified are eligible to compete at the Dublin Horse Show, a change of rider will not be permitted.
  • Riders must have attained Bar 2 of the SJI Mackey Five Bar Training System to compete in the 2019 Dublin Horse Show qualifiers and must be signed off by a level 2 HSI accredited coach to be eligible to compete.
  • Only hind boots as per RDS rules may be worn at the Qualifiers and Final.

Competition Format

Team Championship (108 A)

Four teams will compete in the Championship with a maximum of four riders and four horses per team.  A draw will determine the allocation of riders to the teams.

A draw will also determine the starting order for the first round.  Unless eliminated in the first round, the four teams will compete in the second round.  The starting order of the second round will be in reverse order of total penalties of the best three riders in the first round.  In the case of equality of penalties, the teams will retain the first round starting order.

The final result will be decided by the addition of penalties incurred by the three best riders per team in the first round and the penalties of the three best riders per team in the second round.  In the case of a tie for first place following the second round, there will be a jump-off with one rider per team.

Individual Championship (108 B)

All riders will compete in the Individual Championship (Competition 108 B).

Horse Inspection

All horses being competed in the Children on Horses classes at the Dublin Horse Show must undergo a Horse Inspection on Friday 9 August.  The Horse Inspection is to ensure the fitness of the horse to compete; it is not a detailed veterinary examination.

  • The handler should be suitably dressed to present the horse for inspection.
  • All horses must be presented in a controlled and safe manner in a snaffle or double bridle.  Any other equipment, i.e. rugs, bandages, etc. must be removed.
  • The person responsible for the individual horse must be present.
  • The competition number must be clearly displayed and horse passports ready for inspection.
  • The Veterinarian will walk around the horse to carry out a brief visual inspection of the horse.  Palpation of a limb or other part of the body will only be carried out if deemed necessary.
  • After the visual inspection and when instructed to do so, the handler must walk the horse away from the Inspection Panel for a short distance (10 paces) and then trot on a loose rein.  At the end of the path provided the horse should be brought back to walk before turning (to the right) and then trotted on a loose rein back towards the Inspection Panel.  The handler should be on the left side of the horse at all times. 
  • The Inspection panel will then make a decision to accept or not accept the horse.

Awards & Prizes

'108 A' - Team Championship 
Prizes in kind

'108 B' - Individual Championship

  • 1st €300
  • 2nd €200
  • 3rd €150
  • 4th €100
  • 5th €75
  • 6th €75

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 170 - Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the winners of the Children on Horses Team Championship.

Cup No. 172 - Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the winner of the Children on Horses Individual Championship.

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