Bursary Competition


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The RDS is delighted to award a bursary of two weeks training with a top international trainer to include budget return travel fare, accommodation and all training.  Four riders will be eligible to compete for the Bursary.  The eligible riders will be the winners of the following four competitions: 1.25m – 1.30m Young Riders (110A, 110B) and 1.35m – 1.40m Young Riders (111A, 111B) at the Dublin Horse Show.  The final will take place on the Sunday of the Show where the Bursary recipient will be chosen.  This Bursary provides a wonderful opportunity for a young rider to further his / her training and broaden his / her experience.  Some contribution towards the training costs may be incurred by the winner.  A rider may win the Bursary competition on one occasion only. 

In the final the riders will be judged on their ability to be as one with their horse.  Riders should have a workmanlike appearance, with light, supple and independent seat, and hands conveying the impression of complete control in every situation.  The riders will be judged on hand, seat, legs, correct use of the aids, their sense of rhythm, balance, timing and control with empathy for the horse they are riding.  The rider should show excellent equitation, position and presentation, meet all fences squarely and at a proper distance.  Tack as per SJI rules.  An element of the Bursary competition will involve the riders exchanging horses.  The exchange of horses and starting order will be determined by a random draw.  Once riders have exchanged horses, there will be a 5 minute warming-up period which will take place in the competition arena.  Should a rider, or a rider’s parent or guardian, feel that a horse is unsuitable for that rider to proceed with to competition, they may appeal to the Judging Panel or withdraw from the competition.

In all matters of interpretation or circumstances unforeseen, the decision of the RDS Organising Committee will be final and binding in all cases.

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 168, the “Iris Kellett” Perpetual Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Young Rider Bursary in memory of the late Iris Kellett.