Broodmare Futurity


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To identify young performance mares with suitable conformation, pedigree, and athleticism to be potential broodmares of top performing show jumping horses.

Competition Format

The two highest placed fillies in Class 62 Section B (Three Year Old Loose Performance), Competition 104 C (Four Year Olds), Competition 105 C (Five Year Olds) and Competition 106 C (Six Year Olds) will qualify for the RDS Broodmare Futurity.  In the event that there are less than two mares competing in Competition 104 C (Four Year Olds), the highest scoring mares based on the Broodmare Futurity Judges' scores for Competitions 104 A and 104 B will qualify.

Fillies / Mares will be presented in hand at the Final and will be assessed for their potential as a broodmare of elite show jumping horses based on the following criteria:

  • Jumping Performance
  • Conformation
  • Movement
  • Athleticism
  • Pedigree (consolidation of performance genes in the dam line)


Jumping Performance (60 points)

Each mare / filly will be assessed by a panel of judges during their relevant Championships and awarded marks as follows:

10 points – Canter
10 points – Technique
10 points – Reflexes
10 points – Scope
5 points – Power
5 points – Balance
5 points – Attitude & Rideability
5 points – Jumping Talent / Potential
Total 60 points

Conformation (20 points)

Horses will be presented in hand and assessed for conformation by the judges.

Movement (10 points)

Horses will be shown in hand using the triangle format (25m x 40m x 25m).  The triangle format allows the judges to assess natural paces from behind, side profile and in front. Further details on the triangle format can be found here.

Pedigree (20 points)

A maximum of 20 points will be awarded based on the level of performance in the pedigree, specifically the dam’s pedigree.  Points will be awarded on a ranking basis, where the pedigree of the competing fillies / mares will be compared and maximum points awarded to the filly / mare with the most performance based pedigree. 

Proof must be provided by the owner / exhibitor of the filly / mare of performance dams in the pedigree – i.e. dams which have performed successfully to international level, dams which have produced progeny which have competed successfully to international level, dams which are siblings of horses which have competed successfully to international level etc.  It is the responsibility of the owner to make this information available.

Awards & Prizes

  • 1st €3,000
  • 2nd €1,500
  • 3rd €750
  • 4th €500
  • 5th €250
  • 6th €250
  • 7th €250
  • 8th €250

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 163 – Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented to the winner of the Broodmare Futurity.