Important Information


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Age Limit:

All exhibitors leading, riding or showing equines in competition must be 16 years of age or over on 1 January 2019, unless otherwise stated in class detail.  No person under 16 years of age on 1 January 2019 will be allowed to show, ride or lead ponies or horses in parade with the exception of riders in the Connemara Performance Hunter, International Connemara Performance Hunter, Small Event Horses, Small Hunters, Riding Horses, Ridden Conemara Ponies and Coloured Horses.

Arrivals/Departures Area:

Access for all equines is through the Shrewsbury Road Gate.

Arrivals Time:

There are allocated arrivals times for each class. Horses and ponies which do not arrive at the allocated times will not be admitted to the Show.  The Arrival times will be allocated once all entries have been received and will be available on this website.

Car Parking:

There is no car parking on site at the RDS during the Dublin Horse Show.  Details of car parking facilities will be made available here.  For details on exhibitor parking please click here or contact the Equestrian Department.


The RDS will endeavour to have the Catalogue as complete as possible and in accordance with the particulars given on the entry form.  It cannot however, hold itself responsible for any additions, omissions or mistakes which may occur for any reason whatsoever in the Catalogue.

Class Cancellation:

If fewer than 6 entries are received in any class, the class may be cancelled or amalgamated with other classes.


All horses which have completed their adjudication and are not required for parades may be removed between 8.00am and 8.00pm by the Arrivals/Departure Area upon surrendering their head number or travelling label.


Dogs, with the exception of Guide Dogs, will not be permitted on any part of the Showgrounds including the Arrivals area.

Drug and/or DNA Testing:

Will be carried out at the Show.

Dress Code:

Neat dress is required in the judging rings at all times. Jacket, collar and tie must be worn by all exhibitors in the judging rings. Riders must be in correct attire and protective headgear must be worn when horses are being ridden. Further guidelines on the dress code can be found here.

Entry Closing Dates:

5pm on Friday, 29 June (with exceptions for entries to classes with qualifiers held after this date).

Foreign Buying Programme:

The Inward Buyer Programme will be in operation at the Show.

Recommended Head Gear:

Must be worn at all times when horses/ponies are being ridden.

International Competitions:

Details of the International Competitions and International Competition Schedule can be found here.

Mobile Phones:

Are not permitted in any arena or judging rings.

Mucking Out:

Boxes must be cleaned before 8.30am or after 6.30pm each day.


All entry fees must be paid online through Realex Payments.

Restricted classes:

A number of classes are restricted to horses foaled in Ireland with appropriate documents to support that fact.  Horses entered in classes with the Irish-bred restriction must also be micro-chipped under this rule.  This provides the ideal opportunity to showcase the best of Irish-bred horses.

The following classes are subject to the Irish bred restriction:

  • Show Hunters (Classes 1 - 12)
  • The Working Hunter Championship (Classes 14-17)
  • Three Year Old Potential Event Horse (Class 61)
  • Three Year Old Loose Performance (Class 62)
  • Four & Five Year Old Young Event Horses (Classes 63 & 64)
  • Small Event Horse (Class 65)
  • The Four Year Old Show Jumping (Class 104), Five Year Old Show Jumping (Class 105) and Six Year Old Show Jumping (Class 106) classes are restricted to animals registered as being bred on the Island of Ireland and those entire animals (stallions and mares) bred outside Ireland that are registered and approved/preliminary approved, or select for breeding in an Irish Studbook (Approved by the Dept of Agriculture) prior to the qualifying competition
  • The Racehorse to Riding horse class is restricted to horses that have either been bred in Ireland or foreign bred horses that have been trained (for racing) in Ireland for a minimum of one year

Rules & Regulations:

All equines exhibited must at all times comply with all current regulations and guidelines issued by the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.  All exhibitors must comply with the RDS rules and regulations which can be seen here.


In accordance with the legislation and fire regulations.  Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area on the Showgrounds or in any stabling/hay barn area.


Due to limitation on stabling, a quota system will apply.  If the number of entries exceed the capacity of stabling, precedence will be given to the earliest correct entries received.  You are advised to ensure that your entries arrive early to avoid disappointment.  The following list of riding centres may have stabling available for exhibitors who may need to bring horses or ponies with them which are due in the RDS towards the end of the week.

Please note the RDS is providing this list as an aid to exhibitors ONLY and all livery conditions, costs and insurance implications are between the exhibitor and the riding centre.  Exhibitors are free to use any other centre of their choice and knowledge.

Carrickmines Equestrian Centre, Glenamuck Road South, Carrickmines, Dublin 18
Tel: 01 2955990

Coolmine Equestrian Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin
Tel: 01-4588447

Kells Equestrian Centre, Carlanstown, Kells, Co. Meath
Tel: 087 9544351


Exhibitors must produce an up-to-date equine influenza vaccination certificate (Rule 64) otherwise they will not be admitted to the Showgrounds.