Hunt Chase

The clubs / teams to participate in the 2018 Hunt Chase competition will be selected by a draw.  Only teams which have competed in ten of the Hunt Chase League events listed below will be eligible to compete.  The top six teams in the League will automatically qualify for the DHS, the remaining teams that have competed in ten or more qualifiers will be eligible for a draw to determine the further two teams to compete at the Show. One reserve team will also be drawn. The draw for the Hunt Chase will take place on Saturday 28 July.


  1. The course must be completed by each member of the team, or the reserve rider where necessary.
  2. Red flags on right, white flags on left.
  3. Whips and spurs are not permitted.
  4. The hunting horn must be passed between fences one and two.
  5. Only the horse and rider about to start may be at the starting line.  No outside assistance at this point is permitted.
  6. Riders must remain mounted at all times when in the arena, except for under exceptional circumstances, such as the hunting horn being dropped by a competitor at the point of change.  Then either rider may dismount and pick it up, but he/she must keep their horse in hand throughout the movement.
  7. Riders may not proceed without protective headgear, crash helmets with chin straps as used under National Hunt and IHTS rules are compulsory.
  8. A body protector must be worn by all riders competing in the Hunt Chase.  A correctly fitted, BETA approved and appropriately labelled Level 3 body protector, manufactured in the year 2000 or after, is recommended.  If a rider chooses to wear an airbag style body protector, it must be worn over a recommended body protector.
  9. In the event of a fall or rider elimination, the next rider and horse may complete the course in their place.
  10. If a rider falls or is unable to continue due to injury or repeated refusal, the next rider may go to the point where the incident occurred and complete the round.  This will be decided by the judges and signalled by the arena bell.
  11. Each rider will be required to sign a form indemnifying the Royal Dublin Society against any claims for damage or injury.
  12. The tack used both in the judging of the ‘Turn Out’ and in the competition itself must be the same.
  13. Once the competition has commenced, no substitutions may be made.
  14. A steward (not from a hunting background) will be present in the Judges’ Box to monitor the behaviour of the riders and teams and will be empowered to eliminate malpractice as he / she sees fit.
  15. An error on the course not rectified incurs defeat of the team in that round.
  16. In the event of disqualification of both teams in a round, the referees will decide the winner.
  17. The last member of each team will wear a sash to indicate the final rider of a team.
  18. In the first round, the first member of the odd numbered team will take the right-hand course and the first member of the even numbered team will take the left hand course.  In subsequent rounds the toss of a coin will decide which course a team will take in each round.
  19. The members of each team will jump in the following order: -

    1st – Fourth Member (who must be 35 years old or over)

    2nd – Official Member

    3rd – Lady Rider (preferably riding side saddle)

    4th – Heavy Weight Male (12.5 stone or over in hunting gear, any lead must be in a lead cloth / bag)

  20. The minimum age of any team member is 18 years on 1 January 2018.  Proof of age to be produced on day of competition if requested.

  21. Each team member may only fulfil one of the above categories.  Regular competition riders at advanced level including riders licensed under INHS rules of racing including Point-to-Point riders will be excluded.
  22. In the event of a team which qualified in the first round being unable to compete in the quarter final then the fastest losing team from the first round will be substituted.
  23. Horses must be bona fide hunters owned by members or subscribers within the Hunt Country.
  24. Horses must not be more than Grade E (SJI) or Eventers above Novice Grade (Eventing Ireland) on the date of competition. Grade A to D horses or Open / Intermediate Event horses which have not been registered with the SJI or Eventing Ireland since January 1st, 2016 are also eligible (similar qualifications will apply to the visiting team).
  25. Riders must ensure that horses put at least three strides before each fence, failure to do so may incur elimination.

Course Designer

Mr Dereck Hamilton

Awards & Prizes

1st €2,230, 2nd €1,000, 3rd €700, 3rd €700

A special prize of €170 will be awarded to the best turned out team.

Entry Fee

€377 per team

Cups & Trophies

Cup No. 64 - The "Thady Ryan" Perpetual Challenge Trophy.  Presented to the winning team in the Hunt Chase.