Hind Boots

Horses competing in the Four Year Old class will not be permitted to wear hind boots or bandages.  Only non-performance enhancing hind boots may be worn in all other show jumping qualifier categories for the Dublin Horse Show, with the exception of the Puissance qualifiers. This rule will also extend to the Finals at the Show. Each athlete/owner wishing to avail of the use hind boot on their horse/pony must ensure that the boots are of the specified variety. Under no circumstances will non-specified hind boots or bandages of any kind be permitted. SJI stewards will be in attendance at each qualifier to carry out spot checks.

All hind leg protections must have a maximum interior length of 16 cm and minimum exterior width of 5 cm. The following criteria must be respected:

  • The inside of the protection must be smooth; the fixations must be non-elastic Velcro; no hooks, buckles, clips or other methods of attaching the fasteners may be used;
  • The rounded rigid part of the protection must be placed around the inside of the fetlock;
  • No additional elements may be used in conjunction with the protection.
    Hind boot picture