Equestrian Entertainment

Details on the 2017 Show entertainment is coming shortly!

See details of the 2016 entertainment below;

International equestrian artist Santí Serra

Appearing for the first time in Ireland and displaying skills that have brought him all over the world, Spanish equestrian artist Santí Serra makes his RDS debut at this year’s Dublin Horse Show. Specialising in ‘natural dressage’ Santi’s skills with horses have been worked to perfection to make his amazing routine seem effortless.  With no tack whatsoever Santí performs amazing feats with his horses and they are evidently very happy to do his bidding. Not content with working with horses, Santi often brings his dogs into his act, creating a circus like feel to his display. You can see Santí Serra on Wednesday at 12.40am in Simmonscourt and at 3.05pm in the Main Arena, on Thursday at 1.25pm in the Main Arena and 5.50pm in Simmonscourt, on Friday at 1.40pm in the Main Arena and 3.25pm in Simmonscourt, on Saturday at 5.55pm in the Main Arena and Sunday at 2.50pm in the Main Arena.


Les Arenos - Joel Chacon

With a routine designed to make you laugh, it can be easy to overlook the terrific horsemanship skills of  French equestrian comedian Joel Chacon who returns to this year’s Show with a new equestrian comedy routine.  Chacon will be performing two demonstrations daily throughout the course of the Show.  His comical parodies will include the characters of Grandma Josette (Mamie Josette); the active stunt performing Granny, The Bullfighter (Le Torero); a matador who must fight a horse who thinks he is a bull and The Doctors (Le Docteurs); a silent Charlie Claplin-esque routine. You can see Joel Chacon  on Wednesday at 1.30pm in Ring 1  and  2.50pm in Simmonscourt, on Thursday at 1.30pm in Simmonscourt and 4.40pm in Ring 2, on Friday at 12.25pm in Simmonscourt and at 2.10pm in Ring 2, on Saturday at 1.45pm in Ring 1 and at  5pm in Ring 1 and on Sunday at 1.20pm in Ring 2 and in at 3.45p in Ring 1.


Master Classes and Demonstrations

Denny Emerson

Event rider, trainer, coach, author and Irish horse enthusiast, Denny Emerson will present two masterclasses at this year’s Show; Thursday at 1.40pm in Simmonscourt and Friday at 2.20pm in Ring 2.


Pat Parelli Demonstrations

Appearing for the first time at the Dublin Horse Show, the RDS is delighted to welcome Pat Parelli  this year. Known the world over for his natural horsemanship, Pat Parelli will demonstrate his expertise and know-how that makes him in constant demand. His demonstrations will include;

Principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship    

Wednesday 20 July at 3pm to 4pm in Simmonscourt

Principles and Purpose - Powerful Ingredients to Enhance the Relationship with your Horse/Pony

Friday 22 July at 12.35pm to 1.35pm in Simmonscourt

Principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship    

Saturday 23 July at 1.00pm to 1.45pm in Simmonscourt

The Secrets of Horsemanship - Foundation before Specialization

Sunday 24 July at 1.15pm to 2.00pm in Simmonscourt


Parades in the Main Arena

A wealth of champions will grace the Main Arena before the Longines Grand Prix on the Sunday of the Show.  It is an opportunity to see some of the best horses in this year’sShow collected together, and the magnificent Kildare Foxhounds have the honour of leading out the the Parade of Champions. That’s before the Horse Drawn Vehicle Parade takes to the Arena.


Pony Clubs

For some real excitement, catch the fun at the Pony Club Games andOlympic themed Pony Club Musical Ride on the Saturday and Sunday of the Show. Located in Ring 1. Ring 1 will also host the Donkey Display and Carriage Driving & Display Vehicle Class on Sunday. 


A full Entertainment Programme is available here